Navy's Growler Program at NAS Whidbey is 70% Complete

Koetje Real Estate November 15, 2012

NAS Whidbey EA-18G GrowlerAs part of the Navy’s transition to new aircraft here at NAS Whidbey, we have been watching the build up of the squadrons of the EA-18G Growler aircraft. It has been exciting to see the transition from the EA-6B  Prowler to the EA -18G Growler here at NAS Whidbey Island.

“Every two weeks, we get another Growler,” Cmdr. Christopher Middleton said at the Navy’s electronic warfare hub here. The Navy target is to buy 114 EA-18G Growler aircraft. And it’s those Growler aircraft that will be the cutting edge of future Naval strikes against futureanti-access area denial” defenses like those being built by China.

Read the rest of the NAS Whidbey Island EA-18G Growler story here.


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